Why would he walk away?

This guy I like was talking to his friends and I walk up to the group, which I also know, and start talking to one of the guy friends. And 3 sec later the guy I like just walks away and goes all the way around to the other side. Also the guy I like doesn't really know me.

Honestly it hurt my feelings.

Does he hate me? Not like me? Why did he walk away? Was he nervous?

Also why does he ignore me but is comfortable around other girls?


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  • Maybe
    1. he actually had to talk to the other dude and has nothing to do with what he feels about you
    2. he thought you came to the group to talk to him, but you talked to someone else; if he likes you, maybe he thinks you like the other guy.
    3. he likes you, but doesn't feel confident about being around you
    or 4. he doesn't feel anything for you, and it just happened he had to talk to the guy


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  • It's possible that he thinks you're cute and is afraid of being close to you. I know a guy who did exactly like him because of this reason. So yes, maybe he was nervous.

    • How can I make him not nervous around me?

    • That's the hardest part. Maybe you can talk directly to him using some kind of... excuse. Make sure to be kind and make him feel comfortable cause if he's nervous without talking, when you talk he'll be a bit more nervous I suppose. So show him that it has no point.

  • Maybe he doesn't know you well enough. Try talking to him.


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