Why do you think short guy/tall girl couples are so rare?

My boyfriend is shorter than I am and we couldn't be happier. The usual couple is either the other way around or their both the same height. People think we're an awkward couple but don't let it bother us, but it seems to bother others. Are people just afraid to go against the norm?


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  • men are supposed to protect the household and women support... as such men look for weaker looking women that need to be protected by them and women look for stronger bigger men that can protect them more... basic instinct... you 2 are freaks by going against this... but if it makes you happy be freaky :P

    but i dont like taller women... makes me uneasy and ill say this... 2 inches taller makes some sexual positions 2 damn difficult LOL

    • Well, if it makes us freaks, that's just what we are lol.

    • lol yep.. . nothing wrong with being freaks... a freak is just some1 thats different is all

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  • How old is your boyfriend?

    • He's 16.

    • In that case, he might not actually be done growing in height.

      There is nothing wrong at all with defying the normal preference. To answer your question though, I think most men like to have women who are smaller than them, because it makes it easier to take the roll of being protective towards her. I won't speak on behalf of women, cause y'all can speak for yourselves.

      I do know a really tough Israeli man who's ex-military and super dangerous looking in-spite of being a couple feet shorter than his wife, and he doesn't seem to have any issues with acting the protector.

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  • Men usually prefer shorter women while women prefer taller men. It's evolutionary. And in general men are taller than women. It's rare to find a man shorter than the average woman.

    • Right but I'm taller than most.

    • Men go through puberty later and have growth spurts. I don't think you should worry too much. I had an aunt who was taller than her boyfriend and they got along just fine. We tend to think that 'oh, girls are usually shorter and guys taller', but it's not always the case. Personally, I envy tall girls since usually they have gorgeous legs :/

    • I'm not worried about his height, even if he doesn't become taller than me I'll still love him.

  • Because most girls are attracted to guys who are taller than them.

    • Well, I've never been like most girls.

    • Yeah, I don't really give a crap about a guy's height, either. I've liked guys shorter than me before and I'm not even tall. But most girls do care. Not all though.

  • There is no norm, who ever said that is an idiot. My ex is 2.5 inches shorter than I am.

  • Because most boys don't wanna feel dominated by a girl that is taller than him.