Stoners, do you like girls who are stoners?

I myself do not smoke, never have and I don't plan to. I dated a guy who was smoked all the time, and he did around me all the time. We broke up, and I was kind of dating this other guy who was also a stoner, but he was discreet about it. He first tried to hide it from me, but I found out lol.
Smoking doesn't bother me as long as the person still gets shit done. The first guy, was a nobody, complete loser, going nowhere in life. But the second is so smart and a lot more ambitious than me (I'm pretty ambitious) so I couldn't care less whether or not he smoked weed.

He even told me he prefers a girl who doesn't smoke, or doesn't party much (me). I thought that was kind of weird but I've heard it from multiple guys, it's pretty hypocritical but it kind make sense to me.

So potheads, would you enjoy being able to smoke with your girlfriend a lot, or would you feel weird about it? Meaning, that's something between you and your buddies, not something you're interested in doing with her? Would you prefer to date a girl who's doesn't frequently smoke? (Assuming she's not naggy about it) I know couples who do it together every day and people who think it's weird.

Or, non avid smokers, how do you feel about the girl you're dating being a stoner?


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  • I don't smoke a lot. At all. But I have done it & I do enjoy doing it. I'm in college & I've been on the deans list, & I think I got a good future & head on my shoulders.

    Really I have the most fun doing it with a significant other. If she didn't want to I wouldn't make her, & I really wouldn't wanna do it without her tho.

    Personally I think you can do it & have a completely successful life if you don't let it become such a big part of your life.

    Anyway, I would love to smoke with my significant other & I have before. Good experience & lots of fun.


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  • Don't like it. Not a lifestyle choice I am going to make, not something I'm interested in, and my options in dating reflect that.

    • Would you date a girl who is a social smoker?

    • It would depend on the chemistry, but I would still be trying to get her to quit at every given opportunity.

      Some couples can work through stuff like that and have it not be a problem, but on some level simple things like this you need to agree on to make it work in the long run.

  • I don't smoke or drink, and I find smoking as one of my biggest turn offs.

  • My bae had a drug problem. I hope she never feels the need to do drugs ever again.


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