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Im going to be specific here with interacial dating. How was the actual relationship as a black women dating a white man?


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  • I thought the girl was cool and would have liked to keep dating her, but it was a negative experience overall. Her family and friends weren't okay with me being white, to put it mildly. It ended with a scar on my back. So I haven't tried again, unfortunately.


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  • Honestly... Well I'm half white myself, but obviously I'm seen as black lol... but any white man I've dated, in the end, some comment comes out. It's either "I only date black/mixed girls" as if it's some kinda fetish or something.. I don't know, I've just never been comfortable with that.
    Or you get the ones who when you have the first big argument, you find out their true thoughts when they throw something racist out there. Some guy once even told me I should fuck off and go back to me n-word boys and go kiss some big ugly n-word lips... yup... actually said that, and this guy has mostly black friends and uses to date mainly black girls not even mixed or white.
    Or there's the ones who'd have a black girl for now, be with her years but only consider marrying a white girl.. She's his kinda "fun" thing for now.

    Obviously some go really well, because I see so many black girls with white husbands or baby fathers these days, it's just that I personally have never met a white guy and dated him and this stuff hasn't happened.