Would you date a half filipino-half white?

I know it seems like a ridiculous thing to ask but it seems to be a deal breaker for everyone so far. They won't get serious cause they're afraid their parents want a full white guy or sometimes they just want to know where to meet the real Filipinos.

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  • Mixed race is attractive but I dint pay much thought about it


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  • Half Filipino & half white people are really cute looking in my opinion.


What Guys Said 2

  • Race doesn't matter

    • That's basically false. Although that's how the world should be, it isn't. Like this guy says, a lot of parents want a 100% white guy for their daughter. The parents will say something like "So, you're dating a black guy", or "So, you're dating a mexican." Or an Asian parent will often say "Why can't you just find a nice Asian girl?"

    • That's why it's not about what your parents want. It's about what you want because you are your own person. Parents do want that sometimes, but that doesn't mean it should be followed. I would never care who my daughter dated. If she loves a guy and he's a different race, why should I care as long as he is treating my daughter good

    • A couple of girls have told me that they're parents are conservative so they have to stop seeing me. I'm conservative too but obviously they were referring to race. I ask to be sure and they usually get awkward about it. Seems like I'm always too white or too dark for girls. serp777 has the right idea.

  • I would, unless you are referring to yourself lol

    • lol. i like the half filipina girls looks but ya, lol was asking more the girls

    • Yes. They are quite hot lol