Guy im seeing always constantly texts me and checks up on me everytime when I go out with my friends without him. Does it mean he has feelings for me?

So im dating a guy and everytime i go out with my friends without him, he keeps checking in on me every hour until he knows im home. Does this mean he has at least some feelings for me?


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  • wow this guy sounds way too obsessed. Every hour? What is he, your father who thinks you're still 14?


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  • yes he has feelings and it could be many things obsessed, board, etc. How often does he text when you are just having free time alone

    • Hmm when i dont go out he texts me about twice a day an. We just have a short little convo. But when I'm out he texts so much and only stops when he knows im home. I dont know what this guy feels for me but i keep thinking there have to be some feelings there...

    • I see it one of two ways A: he is clingy and crazy, this is a minority of people so I doubt it but maybe. Most people who get labeled as this are just misunderstood or the person labeling them has the issue with them exs.

      B: he likes you a lot and because you 2 have not got in a relationship his mind starts to go 60mph as soon as you say your going out. Most groups of girls out on the town get very flirty and it can be very stressful as a guy knowing the chick you like is out in that environment. When you are dating you have a claim to some degree so you worry less.

      I hope that helps, you just need to talk to him and see how you both feel. But I am betting he likes you and is just worried you will find someone. We guys are shy pathetic things lol

  • I think you should tell him you're uncomfortable with him being so obsessive - h'es clearly insecure about you, and doesn't trust you i. e. he's assuming you belong to him already.


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