Help!! Friends sends her photo to my boyfriend he says she looks good?

My ex friend messaged my boyfriend, sent him her photo, she sent me a message told me he told her she looked pretty, he sent me a message later, told me she had sent a photo, I asked what he had said, he said he just said she looked good. We chat for hours everyday and Skype, as we live a long distance, away from each other but try and get together as often as we can. Do you guys think he's being sincere, he always initiates conversations, and is always telling me how much he likes me, we have only been together for a couple of months, we seem to get on very well, and the conversation just flows. So what do you guys thing?


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  • You are totally freaking out for nothing.
    If a guy says "you look good" that doesn't equal "omg i totally like you please go out with me"
    It's just what we say. If a guy says that something looks good, it looks good, or he's kidding.
    And also, trust issues can be the doom for a relationship.
    I know what I'm talking about.


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  • Chill your freaking out to much its totally normal me and my friend did this to each other and to be honest still do your fine boo

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