How to be assertive with a girl?

How can I be more assertive, dominant, and confident.
I'm trying to become a better man, I'm new to the dating scene, and realized these are trait females find attractive.
Also is it bad that I dont drive, but the girl I like does.


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  • Yep like the other guy said, be true to yourself. In HS I was such a little bitch. I'd follow everyone on what was cool, the music, the way they dressed, everything. There was little authenticity with me. I grew older and found my style, my music, my personality, my dislikes/likes. I'm down to express my dislikes or disagreements or when I feel I'm being put into an uncomfortable situation. I remember my first day at work, this bitch tried to give me trouble. I gave her a mouthful "What the fuck is a blueberry muffin? You're implying as if it's blue, I don't know what it is. It's my first day here. Did you know what everything was on your first day?". She never bothered me again.


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  • You're right about the self confidence. But not so much as being dominate and assertive. Self confidence is knowing what you want (life purpose and direction). Self confidence also involves having self respect, and integrity. Assertiveness is a product of the combination of the above. Women will feel safe around and confident around a guy who's assertive: if a waiter was being rude to your date you can stand up for her and stand your ground even if you or her might be in the wrong. Women also enjoy the company of a man who has a sense of humor and that can laugh at himself (doesn't take himself too seriously). Women are also attracted to guys who are adventurous and are willing to try new things. These kind of guys are exciting and fun to be around with. By being self confident and having a greater sense of self awareness you'll be more comfortable in enjoying the moment and not in making them feel happy (being a tool). It's also the one who cares the least that receives the most.

  • I think every guy goes through this dilemma. I personally have been in the same situation as you. I didn’t have confidence in myself for many years. Now, I am starting to gain more confidence in myself everyday. One of the things that helped me gain confidence was running a marathon. Finishing that race was one of the most awarding things I have ever done. I finish the race because I believe in myself and that is what you have to do to gain more confidence. I think you are heading in the right decision because you are trying to become a better person. That is the first step to gaining more confidence. I think you should sit down and write all of the good qualities you have about yourself.

    Confidence is one of the most important traits that girls seek in a potential partner. Would you want to date a girl with low self esteem?

  • I don't drive either, and really all you gotta do is be true to yourself.
    Works great for me.
    Oh and don't make stupid decisions like picking the first best that shows up.

    • How does the not driving work for you?
      I wanna be true to myself, but I get pushed around a lot by men and women.

    • Good, good, I walk a lot and take trains.
      I was getting pushed around 'till like... 7th grade. That was when I thought: "I don't want to be pushed around anymore" and just was more present and people started having respect for what i did, though nothing really changed, just my way of facing everyone.
      I'd love to talk to you later, but I gtg now, work.