Is it a bad idea to sleep with this guy before he leaves?

I met this guy from Austria last September.
We are currently both students in Canada.
He is 21 and I just turned 23.

We've been dating for a month and everything's perfect. he's shy and a complete gentleman.. he comes to my place all the time after our dates or just to see me. My place is a studio and no couch so we always lie down on my bed and chat. We make out and hug but we're not intimate. I know he is holding out...

I'm starting to fall hard when he suddenly told me he's going back to his country for another school at the beginning of next month.
He said "it is really sad but too difficult for us to have a relationship now when you are in Canada and I will be in Austria. Are you thinking to do your internship in Austria?"
I have an internship to do this June for 4 months anywhere in the world.
I said no... because I honestly don't know where to go and what to do yet. Should I?

Although we both know our relationship is going nowhere, he likes me a lot and so do I...
Is it a bad idea to get down to business before he leaves? I know men are sexual hypocrites. They push women for sex, then blame them for having sex. He is very trustworthy.

The longer I wait, the longer our relationship will last. Is that really true? but he is leaving...


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  • clicked on the link.. so here i am.
    great to see you two got together, however sorry to hear you are actually from different countries. Hard. I mean. my crush works with me and she is thinking on leaving the company and i feel lost.

    Never been in such a long distance relationship. Sex with him? if you feel like it. it's your choice. you want it or not? don't try to force yourself into this just thinking that maybe it will solve something or make it easier for you two or make him stay. Do it only if you feel like sleeping with him and not for other reasons.
    Going there with him. I can totally understand. that. my crush wants to move to another country. we are not even together and i started thinking "huh, i could live there" and i have nothing to do with that country at all. I completely understand how love makes you feel. is it were to date this girl for a while and for her to tell me she will move to some country and for me to have an internship in that country, I'd do it. But i've read her good. i know how she's like, what she thinks, we read eachothers minds.
    it's an international internship. Austria is great to be honest (i am from europe), Question is: what will happen after that 4 months? you planning on staying in Austria? is he planning to move back to Canada? That's what needs to be discussed.


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  • save that for your wedding day for the man you want to marry

  • Oh, ouch. Er, look, it's a difficult situation, and just like you said, you never know for sure when you start these things out. He clearly likes you very much, and you seem to reciprocate the interest, but it does seem too farfetched at this point. Either go and get your internship in Austria (not recommended), or let it go. It'll sting for a while, but it's probably for the best.

  • very much difficult situation for you, I must say. long distance relationships are just a waste of time.

    so you gotta be strong and move on. its not easy, but you have to.

  • If it's this long he's just having fun.


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  • Do it as soon as possible. Life is short and Austria is awesome.

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