My crush is now avoiding me and being so rude to me :(( help?

so i have a crush on my ex bestfriend he's a classmate , we were more than bestfriends , he used to play with me tell jokes about me and i laugh and plays with my hair a lot and sometime gives me hugs he talked to me a lot on Facebook and he texted me first calling me by funny names like everytime? and he once told me to make Skype and i said no i'm too lazy to so he made for me one he even once asked me on Facebook if i liked someone and i sayed yes , and when i asked him back the next day he sayed "no i don't , every one is asking me this question" ... he acted like he liked me he even sayed once that i'm pretty , and when i asked my two bestfriends which i always tell them about my secrets (they are girls) about him they sayed he behaves like he likes you... and now everything has changed we barely talk and he's avoiding me so much and once when i talked to him on Facebook he replied to me in a rude way.. :( and he's even so rude to me those days to the point he made me upsed and i almost cried...
does he like me or not? and what's wrong with him? :( please help me


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  • Have u asked him hy the sudden change of behaviour?
    I am a direct person so I prefer he tell me what happened

  • Have you considered that he might be gay?

    • no he's not he's straight

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    • once i did , and he told me , did you replace me? in a kind way , and then he did the same thing to me lol , a long time ago.

    • Was that before or after he changed? If it was after, ditch him. Find yourself a new crush.