Is he into me? I can't tell.

ugh Me and this guy met on tinder. We've been on 5 dates already, and we have had sex. We talk every single day, he's told me he likes me a lot more than once. He mentions things in the future like me maybe going to his best friend's wedding in may with him. Wednesday he was upset about something at home so I offered to come out there to make him feel better and he said "idk babe let me see and i'll let you know." i don't know why that made me feel so insecure but then I started asking him a bunch of questions like if i was just sex and if he liked me and if he saw this going somewhere. I already know I messed up. He told me he likes me a lot, I'm not just sex, and that he wants to take things day by day. The problem is I kept repeating myself and apologizing and then I said "is everything ok between us or are you cutting me off?" he said "Omg again? I'm about to cut you off, you ask me the same thing all day" So then I felt he was distant but when we said goodnight that night he said he missed me. We still have been talking everyday and Thursday night he said he missed me and then yesterday he said "hey babe how's your day going?" and then he said he had to get back to work and that he missed me. He made a joke yesterday too and I played along with it and he said "oh you're great" I said "why" he said "because you're funny and you know how to play along." but he hasn't mentioned anything about seeing me :( I worked late last night and tonight I babysit so he knows that but I don't know. I feel like I messed up. and today I texted him joking around saying "ready for cabo?" he said "lol I am" and I said "already packed my bag" he said ";)" and then I said "packed my bikinis lol" and he hasn't answered.

1. Do you think he genuinely likes me?
2. Do you think he's done with me?
3. Do you think I messed up and now he's only talking to me for sex?


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  • You met online and you already had sex... sorry but it's gameover, you should have played hard to get so he can be interested in your personality and not in sex..


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  • I think he likes you but you need to CALM DOWN have some confidence in your bond or you'll scare him off for good

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