Should I stay friend with her?

I met this girl few months ago and we really did get along. I managed to kiss her a few times. We always had great time and touched one another a lot. But anyway last time I tried to kiss I was rejected. Okay nothing serious, maybe she wasn't in the mood, a few days later I tried to hug her and kiss her, and she wasn't too happy with that.

Afterwards she asked me am I in love with her.. I said I am not but I do like her a lot and I think she is amazing person. Her response was that I am great guy, smart and good looking, but that she is confused, and she wants us just to be friends. She never had boyfriend in her life (we are 20), so I kinda understand she doesn't want us to bound, but again what is problem with kiss? I was really confused cause for a few weeks we have been more than friends definitely and now suddenly I am friendzoned? I like her and we could be good friends definitely but again I am kinda afraid I will fall for her cause she is really amazing person. Help please? What do you think will anything change in future?


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  • Yes, you should stay friend first. Because girl don't wanna move that fast. And it is a good sign. If she give everything you want. You will the one who leave her. So she don't wanna lost you.

    • ^ follow this advice if you wanna be friendzoned for life

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    • I have tried flirting with other girls in front of her and it didn't really bother her. The thing is she is having a great time with me and finds me handsome but she is not falling for me obviously.. and i really dont know was she ever in love with someone.. now i know she wants us to remain just friends, maybe in her head i am potential partner in distant future, but i am kinda afraid it will lead me to friendzone because i should abstain from physical contact cause it would be obvious i still like her...

    • Well then you should move on. And be friend with her.

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