How to tell he is nervous with the girl he likes?

I'm curious to know how nervous guys act around a girl they like? Any experiences?

Also if they do get nervous around a girl they like would they walk away if I stood next to them?


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  • They piss themselves.


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  • I think most people get nervous around the person they like until you become really close & good friends with each other. My and my boyfriend are really good friends & comfortable around each other, but still make each other nervous sometimes. I get more nervous than him cuz I'm such a shy person. But once you're best friends, that will fade away thank goodness.

    • What does he do that shows you he is nervous?

    • Well he tells me that he feels nervous sometimes, but also you can kind of see it in their body language. That's really the only way I think you can really tell if a person is nervous. His cheeks might get red, or he gets kind of quiet sometimes, or just gets this certain way that's not his usual outgoing self.