Went for coffee with my ex , it was really nice we got on well, What do I do now?

Hi so I want to get back with my ex, we mutually broke up about 7 months ago due to distance. This is only the second time we spoke face to face since the break up. Really unsure what to do now after the coffee,

-The hour or so we spent together was great, slightly hard due to my feelings at times, she did most the talking.

-We text on and off most of the time mainly me making the effort and after we didn't text for about a week she saw me in collage with another girl and can only assume she got jealous and offered to meet up.

-I feel I get mixed messages sometimes, especially with how long it takes to reply to messages sometimes, sometimes she's enthusiastic other times I have to pull answers from her, overall communication is hard via text.

-We didn't talking about any feelings or relationship stuff.
Just unsure on what to do now really terrified on scaring her off.

Any advise would be appreciated


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  • I'll offer some opinion here, from a girl's point of view. I may be wrong.

    Let's just say there's mutual feelings between this guy and I but he didn't wanna do long distance relationship so we never really started dating. Sometimes, as a girl, I'd start doubting as to whether if he did like me in the first place.

    If you really intend to get back together with her, I do suggest you to be a little more forward so she understands your intentions.

    Wish you all the best.

    • hi thanks for the reply, what do you think the best way to communicate my intentions to her would be? without straight out telling her

    • For a start, find ways to "test the waters" - you can do this by texts, calls and meet-ups. If her reactions suggest the feeling is mutual, then proceed further :)

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