Guys you like but barely know?

so what do you do about a guy you think you'd hit it off with but barely know?

there's this guy i used to work with and i think we'd be really good together, but i dont know him well enough to say whether i like him or not... i guess i think i'd like him... we don't work together anymore, we've never really talked much or hung out, and we aren't in the same major so we have none of the same classes...

what do you do in a situation like that? im trying not to be super stalkerish by going way out of my way to talk to him


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  • Um, might just be me, but I thought that's what dating was for. To get to know the person. Do you have his number?

    • well yeah but normally the dating happens once you've both established you like each other... i don't have his number, i don't really have anything but we're friends on Facebook

    • Time to get his number via Facebook then.

What Girls Said 1

  • My first crush. I didn't even know his name at first :D basically i get crush on guys whom i barely know

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