When a guy says this?

When a guy says he likes you but he's just not ready to date (long story issues with his ex) but wants to hang out and get to know each other, is this really just a way of letting a girl down easy? Or does he really actually like the girl but wants to take things slow.


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  • He's taking it slow with you, he's being very cautions with his feeling and not letting himself rapidly fall for you. As you said he has issues that derive from his ex and it takes time to work through those issues. It's best to accommodate the speed he wants to go.

    • Well I told him I was fine with that because I am. I don't want to move too fast into something and I really just want to hang out and have fun and get to know him better!

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    • Thank you very much!!

    • You're welcome :)

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  • Translation: "My penis is willing to invade The Halls of the Mountain King but my heart is not willing to tread into Mordor."

    • Bahaha. So basically he likes me enough for sex, but not enough for a relationship? Can this change the more a guy gets to know a girl or is this pretty much a set deal.

    • I wouldn't roll my dice on it changing. It does, but it's rare.

    • Well its good to know!

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  • the EXACT sme thig happenned to me !!!