How can I tell my best guy friend likes me too?

So I've been in love with my best guy friend for 3 years now and all of our friends keep saying that it's obvious we like eachother but I can't tell if he likes me too or if it's just him being my friend. We talk every single day, he got mad when I was on tinder, he was happy when I said I wasn't going on a date with this one guy anymore, he randomly texted me yesterday to go visit him at college and when I said I couldn't he asked if I wanted to go ice skating this weekend, when we went bowling last month with a group my one friend asked what was up and she said it's obvious we like eachother. Like what are good signs that he wants more than a just friends relationship? How can you truly tell?


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  • Gonna keep this simple, he likes you

    • Yeah but if he does why won't he just tell me. Like its too freaking obvious I like him

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    • I know that's a good way of looking at it. I know when the time is right, my chance will come

    • awww goodluck :)

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