If she said yes to a date does that mean she likes me?

So I was planning on asking this girl out and I did. When I asked she said yes without hesitation and made sure that she had my number and I had hers. Does this mean she likes me or could she just be being nice?


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  • It can be both, be happy either way ( would need more info). Anyways she is willing to spend her free time with you! She wants to give it a shot and see where it leads to. Good luck and have fun on the date!

    • Thanks for the MHO, how did the date go?

    • Haha she actually never responded unfortunately but what can you do right? It doesn't make any sense to me since she put a lot of effort into it but whatever. It'll just be kinda awkward seeing her again.

    • Oh that indeed sucks.. well too bad for her. Good luck next time!

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  • it can mean both, see how the date go's if she flirts a lot than she probably likes you but if she acts just like a friend than she probably just wants to hang with you... but good luck have fun! :)


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