How do I figure out what to do after an intense fling?

i met a guy and we spent an amazing few weeks together before he had to leave and go back home. he told me he liked me a lot. I even had dinner with his parents. now that he's gone we talk once a day on the phone (he calls) but sometimes we don't talk for up to two days. I'm not sure what is going on, the conversations are rather platonic. this has been going on for almost a month. I want to ask him if he still likes me and if he wants to have phone sex but I feel nervous to speak my mind now that he is away - I'm not sure what he is thinking - what should I do?


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  • If he's calling you that often, he likes you. I'm not surprised that the conversations are platonic, as you two just met. You could probably make the phone sex thing happen, by mentioning something about the last time you two had sex and moving the conversation in that direction. I also think you should figure out where you see this going, realistically, before you get more involved. Are you hoping to have something more with him, a relationship? Are you planning to see each other again? Long-distance can be incredibly difficult, even for couples who have been together for years.