Im lost and dont know what to do?

I've been dating this guy for a good three months. Consant contact and such. In November he went back home to visit family and still contacted while gone. When he returned he started his second job. About a week after that i went back home to visit my family for a week. We still had constant contact. When i return few days before Thanksgiving he stopped contacting. I've texted and called. Though, have not shown up to his jobs nor house. He has gotten on instagram but still no contact from him.
Im lost, i even text to ask if i did something wrong but nothing. The only thing i know is working two jobs has him so busy, ya right...
What should i do. Its not like him to do this and he called me the whole package?


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  • Go find him in person and ask him. at a minimum he owes me an explanation.


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  • With him not showing up 'To his jobs nor house,' sweetie, is raising some concerns on my part. You say you got back before Thanksgiving, 'He stopped contacting.' However, with no contact to You, he 'Has gotten on instagram.'
    If he has been good in the past about keeping you in touch and posted about things in his life, there may be something very wrong that is going on in his own Life that he doesn't want to discuss nor explain to you right now... apparently, he needs space and some time.
    There isn't much you can right now, even seeing that he is not at home. You have sent all the messages through text that you can, so pushing another button probably won't matter much.
    I am wondering if perhaps he is back at his parent's house for some unknown reason. If 'He has called me the whole package,' I find this a bit uncanny that he is now shutting you out and can't at least tell you he is alright, but just needs some time to sort things out.
    For now, there isn't much you can do but wait it out. However, if it is getting to be a Month of Mondays where you Do see he is back to his jobs, back at home, then you know something between the both of you isn't right in Denmark.
    Good luck. xx

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