Why won't this girl add me to any of her social media sites?

I've know her for a couple years now on some level as we live in the same small town although she's been back and forth a bit and lived in some other cities for college but then back home. I've tried to add her to Facebook but got no reply and her account had crazy privacy settings could barely see anything last year. also messaged her and got no reply. then this year I tried tweeting her on Twitter and got no reply and had to request to follow her and got no reply as well. so haven't got any reply from her at all on any of these sites but its weird cause

in person I have talked to her and sat beside her at same table several times at local pub and we seemed to get along. and one night she told me she liked being friends with me. and our conversations at bar seemed genuine and she let me buy her drinks a couple times as well. so in person there seems to be a genuine connection yet online I haven't been able to get a word out of her yet.

any thoughs as to the problem she has with adding me to her pages? does she not want me looking at her pictures? I suspect there is some of her in a bikini on there or is she hiding something else from me? she must add other friends from this town so really confused as to her reasons for doing this


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  • Next time you see her, just ask her if you can friend her on Facebook. You will get an answer one way or the other.

    • yeah I guess I could ask why , but being at a bar not sure I'd get an honest response late at night , I still suspect she's hiding something from me that's posted there and doesn't want me to see for whatever reason , that's all I can think of but not sure what that be or she's just playing games

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    • And to be blunt my friend, it may just be that she knows you are more interested in her than just friends and she isn't. SO maybe she doesn't want to lead you on. Or it could be that she is just a finicky woman and you may never know...

    • I agree on the may never know part , as I don't think she's ever going to add me. but I remembered a year or so ago I did she her instagram page once before she increased privacy so you couldn't and there honestly wasn't much there or no bad pics of her , no drugs or semi nude pics . so didn't see what she felt needed to be protected there?