Should I text this guy again or just leave it?

We're both in college. We have a class together he's a rather "keeping it to myself kind of guy" doesn't really speak much to anyone and I've noticed him staring at me more than once anyways we ended up doing a group project together we exchanged numbers. He never contacted me as there was no reason for him to. Then when we met up again we kinda flirted he then later told me that I'm "really cute" I told him that he's cute too. Two days later I see him briefly and he never says hi. So I decide to text him, we have a good conversation up until I mention working on another project with a friend of his and he never replies.

The next day I see him, he kind of talks to me, compliments my shirt but he seemed kind of distant. The day after, I see him again, this time he tells me how funny I am and that I am adorable. I was in a bad mood that day so I disregarded everything he said, I was sorta ignoring him so when I realized I was being a bitch I tried talking to him but again he seemed distant.

Now I'm not gonna see him again till next month, should I try again and text him? I've never had to do much work to get a guy before but all my friends tell me he's shy and I should go for it. I really don't want to bother him and I keep thinking about the previous time when I texted him and he stopped talking to me mid convo like why? What is the right thing to do in this situation?


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  • A. He likes you but he doesn't really like you that much. He's indecisive as to what he really feels for you so sometimes he just plays along.
    B. He's shy and probably insecure. Little things make him think of the worst, like you 'working on another project with a male friend of his'.

  • Try texting again. He might of been thrown off by our bad mood. You can aways apologise and explain you were just in a bad mood, so don't take it so personal.


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