Why can't he just call me his girlfriend?

We've been seeing each other for one and half months. That's not a lot but he wants to meet me almost everyday. We also text everyday. We have to travel a lot to meet each other and he ends up spending a lot on the dates as we meet so frequently and eat so much. We buy groceries together, hold hands, he compliments me and kisses me. No sex, HE said he likes to go slow. So slow that he hasn't even told me he likes me or wants a relationship. He's only told me let's go with the flow or let's get to know each other etc whenever I ask him what he feels.

Is he too slow or am I asking too much too soon? Help me!


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  • Tell him what you want/expect from the relationship and he'll hopefully rise to the challenge
    Seeing how slow he's going maybe you're his first gf


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