Why do guys (sometimes girls) think it's ok to go silent on someone if they're not interested in them?

I think that's so rude. Tell them you're not interested that's all. Not so difficult to do.


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  • Does the person know you're interested in them?

    • Yes, I told him I liked him and I haven't heard a thing from him since. It's been a month.

    • In that case, the guy just needs to let you know.

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  • I used to talk to a boy a little while ago. At first, I really really liked him and I enjoyed talking to him 24/7. But as time passed by he became more clingy and needy. He would say he really wanted to be with me like every 2 minutes and I just found myself taking distance from him. It wasn't on purpose but he just came to close so I took a step back. But then things went worse, cause he started to ask why I was ignoring him, which I wasn't. I just took longer to respond on his messages. First a few minutes... hours and eventually days. But it wasn't that I planned it or even wanted it. I just didn't liked talking to him anymore cause he would always bring up the subject of us being toghether or the fact that I was "ignoring" him lately. So eventually we stopped talking. I don't know if it helps you in your situation but I just want to show that not everyone is 'being rude' on purpose. My advice for you is to get over him. A month is a really long time and it's not likely that he will start talking to you again soon. It sucks for you and really, I feel pitty for you, but he's not worth it. Go out, meet new people and smile! ESPECIALLY when he's around. Show him that you don't need (or even want him). Show him what he has lost and who knows... maybe he's all over you after that and then the roles are reversed. ;)

    • I wasn't clingy at all with him. We would talk every few days and hang out every other week. I was ok with that I have my own life too. My friends think he might have someone else.

    • hmm. Maybe he got scared. However it is really weird, and rude indeed, that he is ignoring you while you guys hang out quite often. That's just a really dickish move. There's a big chance your friends are right but to be honest, he's really not worth your time if he doens't even has the balls to say... uhm. wel anything at all! I know it will be difficult but I would try to forget about him if I were you and follow my advice from my last comment. But it's up to you. I wish you the best! Xx

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