Why do girls do this? hot and cold?

I've noticed a pattern recently. goes something like this: Girl shows interest in me, talks to me, asks my number or Facebook. I comply and show some interest back, and they suddenly go quiet and cold or distant. I make any advance after that, even very small and they back away. I have to literally painfully ignore them before they start showing interest again. I show interest back (not even coming on too strongly), and she backs away again. Wash rinse repeat until she suddenly has a boyfriend. This isn't just one girl... it's lots. What's going on here?

I'd like some more opinions please.


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  • I don't do it but I know of it, they like to be liked so they go for guys they consider below them so they have someone after them but back of whenever it seems like they might end up actually thinking they have a chance with them. It's a power thing. It's horrible. I'm sorry you go through this.

    • And what would happen if I called them on it. like say "look I like you, but I'd rather have someone more consistent."

    • My guess would be they'd really try to get you back then do the exact same. Or just say you're horrible and leave. It would depend. Either way they aren't good people to go for.

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  • they want to feel desired but aren't interested basically.


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