I don't understand him?

okay so I friendzoned this guy I was talking to but then I unfriendzoned him. so we have been talking and then he friendzones me. well recently he's been calling me babe and all this stuff. but just the other day he told his sister (my bestfriend) that I was his buddy and his exact word were "buddy buddy" . I'm so confused. help?


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  • He may be attracted to you or must in love with you. The possibility of love seems to be very less though. Observe his body language, girls are very good body language readers.

    • Also he acts really shy around me and he is scared to FaceTime me but yet he'll FaceTime this 12 year old girl that's like In love with him.

    • Who is the 12 year old girl?

    • Sorry I got confused. He shows some signs of love like you said he is afraid and shy. But before you come to the conclusion you need to observe him more for other signs and the way he behaves when he is talking to you. Some sign you should look for are sweating, pupil dilation, afraid to face (you already mentioned), etc. I don't remember the whole list so please check on the internet for other signs. Most Important if possible see his reaction when you talk with some other boy. Boys get very angry when they see the girl they love talking to some one else.

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  • It sounds like he's edging himself your way. Like by calling you "babe", unless he's like my gay friend and calls everybody "babe", notes he's trying to edge himself toward you, but since you aren't together he calls you a buddy. He's probably trying to just figure it out, himself, "Is this the right girl for me? Let me try this. How did that feel?"