Is my ex gf stringing me along while she finds the right guy?

I hate that I still love her. Here is what I'm confused about

-we still Hold hands, do things couples do
-she texts me daily & responds pretty fast
-she still wants to hangout
-Whenever I sleep over her place she can't keep her hands off of me & she loves to kiss me
-still calls me babe.

Now the bad part
-she has 3 other guys talking to her
- she had sex with these 3 other guys
- she told me she loves me but she loves the attention from these guys

-she seems like she likes one of them & after reading her text message to him saying he's such a tease. It made me a bit jealous she never chased after me before we got together. I was always wooing her but she's wooing this other guy while we're taking it slow..


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  • If u're looking for a stable and serious relationship then this is definitely not right for u. I advise u to stop talking to her and she might chase u as well. tease her with other girls she would be jealous! but overall I don't think this is successful in the long run

    • We were in a stable relationship for 5 years then she told me she had wanted to explore. She even said she sees us getting married.

    • ok so she wants a change in routine bcz she feels that ur not going to leave her no matter what and this security makes her feel that she is not risking ur relationship if she have fun with other guys. she will always have u forgiving her because u love her.

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  • She's not ready to commit, she wants to date around and hang with whoever so unless you are ok with her sleeping with other guys and you, you cut it off now. She isn't interested in being exclusive with you.

    • This is exactly what she told me. i think I will keep enjoying her company until I find someone better

What Guys Said 2

  • Yes she is, she is using you & although likes you doesn't like you enough, she sounds as if she might be a minor sex addict but I would break it off & carry on with your life just become friend (with benefits if you think that'll work). You can do better. If she has fleet with & is dating other guys while she is with you then defo break it off.

  • Time for you to give her a talk: basically you gotta tell her to shit or get off the pot. If she can't make a decision, or lies. dump her.

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