He finally said yes but what happens now?

Sorry, I had to make the title a little more dramatic than it actually is. If you follow any of my other q's then by now you know I have a huge (revealed) crush on my good friend/coworker. (Its just a temp part-time job for me so no coworker relationship no-no's apply. I will be leaving in Jan.)
We are great friends & very close friends at work. Comfortable talking about anything & everything with each other. Im 22 & he's newly 27 so our minor age difference helps us to get along better.
We have never done anything outside of light touching & a lot of flirtatious convos. The farthest I've gone was kissing him on the neck in the back room. We also have never hung out outside of work. I ask him every now & then if he wants to hang out on my weekends off. The answer is always a sarcastic sure or he has plans elsewhere, but after asking him today he replied with; "I got family in town this week so however early they leave tomorrow ill come through". That is the first time he's ever answered with something remotely close to a serious yes. Im excited that it will actually happen but now that he said yes I don't know what we're gonna do. I dont want to have sex or hookup or anything. If kissing happens thats fine but as far as activities/topics Im lost lol.
My questions are...
1. Do you think he's serious about showing up? If so, does it seem like it will be a quick thing or an actual hang out?
2. What should we do/talk about?
I attached a poll too. Thanks!

  • Stay in with a movie & talk
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  • Hook up
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  • Go out to the mall, movies, dinner, downtown, or park, etc.
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  • Other (leave ideas)
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Well, he was a no call & a no show :\
I see him tomorrow at work but no hard feelings. I will not be asking him again to come over. No sense in getting my feeling hurt again. Thanks for the advice, guys!


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  • Do not-I repeat-DO NOT hook up with him right away. He's given you a ton of excuses before actually hanging out with you. So you have to spend time with him outside of work to make sure he likes you for all the right reasons.


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  • Invite him over cook or order in watch a movie & just see what happens, you don't necessarily have to lmn anything but seeing as you get in do well things will just go as they are supposed to.

    • Haha, I dont think ill cook though I do like the idea. I have plenty of snacks & stuff that I can offer though. I share my lunch with him at work all the time so I know he likes the stuff I have :)

    • Well then there's your answer, a selection of nibbles is always appealing

  • He is not into you my dear. If he were, he'd find they time to come over. No one is that busy that a girl he's into would be the last thing on his priority list.

    • I know but it just sucks that he strings me along. I want so much more with him. Im starting to realize its totally unrequited. I wish guys werent like this.

    • You stole his ego.

  • Worst thing is to hook up with this guy. Go out to the mall, movies, dinner, downtown, park
    or stay talk with movie...

  • Yes I think he'll show up. Not sure if it'll be quick or not

    Talk about stuff that comes to mind. Leave work out of it. You want to get to know him.


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  • Super sorry, but I guess he is just not interested. If he was he wouldn't be making so many excuses after you asked him.