At this stage in your life, what is your opinion on the opposite sex and love?

Tell it like it is below- and don't freaking hold back either...


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  • I'm 17.

    I'm really not too keen on most girls my age. A lot of them are extremely immature and show it profusely. For example in a public environment they're usualy tunnel-visioned into whatever it is that they're doing, even today I was sitting on a bus that was maybe a third empty, and two girls and a guy my age got on the bus and talked the biggest pile of sh*te at the top of their voices (maybe they were too stupid to know how loud whey were talking) for 45 minutes, completely unaware of the people around them who manage to keep their conversations to themself.

    I also find a lot of girls my age are very naive in regards to romance and love. I can't stand the way they throw the word 'love' around, acting like their two week fling with some random guy is the epitome of attraction between a couple. Although I find it funny seeing guys hitting on perfectly innocent girls knowing that the girl is going to be hurt when she finds out she has been used by a guy for sex, although I guess that's the best way for them to learn their lesson.

    With that said, not all girls fall into this steriotypical view but most share a few of the traits, there are a few that far more mature than the others, and are aware of the significance of love and a meaningful relationship, those are the ones I hope to be with, although they usually have pretty high barries because they know what guys my age are like, but they're worth it in the end.

    As for my personal opinion on love, you can probably guess that I don't agree with childish little 'relationships' where one party or the other is inevitably going to come out of it hurt knowing that it wasn't what they thought, but I guess they'll have had some enjoyment along the way.

    I won't ever go into a relationship with anyone who I don't think has at least a good chance of being with me for the rest of my life.

  • I think at my age (25), people are starting to mature and realize what they want in a relationship, so I believe my odds will get better with the passage of time.

    • Not a bad answer.. and ur pretty much right (on ur 'odds', as ya put it)

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    • I'm experiencing the same thing... many esp at ur age, will settle, and never reach their dreams. You make sure you reach yours...

    • Will do, sir. Thank you!