Can someone give me some advice on how to get a girlfriend? also im short im only 5 feet 0?

m 16 and i really reallly want a girlfriend that i could talk to, hug, and i would treat her well, i would hold the door for her and tell her she's beautiful everyday, and buy her flowers, i want a serious relationship. i just wish i would get a chance. But, im shy, short, im only 5 feet 0 inches, and. . have a little acne and i do not have many friends. im not shy towards most people, im only shy to talk to girls, especially a girl, i think is beautiful. i have always wanted a girlfriend. i am an only child, and i only have some friends in school, i barely have friends that talk to me outside of school. also is there any to get girls to notice me. and i feel really alone all the time. and i don't have much self confidence because i was bullied for years

i prefer girls answer.


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  • The sad truth is you are currently shorter than most girls are interested in. Unless you meet a girl who is in the 4'something range.

    The good news is that you're 16 and men grow until their mid 20's. How tall are your parents? You could grow some yet.

    My dad was 5'4 his senior year of high school and the summer before college he shot up to 6'2. A similar thing could happen for you.

    • Not all boys keep growing sadly. Bad genes can screw you over.

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    • just girls that are a few inches taller. also is there anyway to get girls to approach, and how do i approach girls.

    • Girls really don't do the approaching. You should be funny and charming and get them to go for your personality and then spring the boyfriend material on them. :p

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  • I don't think shortness is a deal-breaker by any means! I'm just 5 feet myself, and back in college I went to school with a guy who was my height. It's years later, and he's still the same height (as am I), and to this day I still think he was/IS one of the most attractive boys that went to my school. His height really doesn't bother me.


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