I cannot show love to men I truly like or love?

I always been this way and probably always will be. It's impossible for me to give affection to men. Even to family. It's like my I'm truly enable to show my feelings for men. I have feelings And all that. I don't know It's like my body goes numb and I'm paralyzed to show feelings
Anyone else like this? Would men hate this
All the men I been with get mad at me for this


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  • you've put up a wall... means you want us to accept you meanwhile you shut us out. I don't even know you and i can feel a slight irritation. the question I've got for you first is
    Why is the wall up? ... depending on that answer, the next one is
    Do you want the wall to come down?

    if you don't want to say it in public, you can reach me.

    • Yes my walls are up

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    • Noooo

    • hahahaha.. my walls are down when you bring yours down. trust me.. a little hurt sometimes is enticing. you can either control the hurt to be hit by it

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