Why is it so difficult to yet a girl?

Hey Ppl!
Well... a brief about myself... m a 23 yr old Masters student... short 5ft 9.5 inches athletic, brown eyes.. facial hair... a broad face... anyway m a friendly guy, who hates being messed around with... I'm straight forward... meaning if something wrong or if anyone's acting funny wid me.. I give back... m caring and the girl's who I've hung out with have told me that m sweet, nice and caring... kinda like the nice guy thing... So yea getting to the point... listing out my personality and characteristics.. don't u think I should've attracted someone? It's been close 2 3 years since I dated and 2 years since I've gone on a date... what am I doing wrong? Why is it friging difficult?

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  • Try not to think about what you don't have in your life though, instead, think about all the relationships you do have. Think about the relationships you have with your friends and family. Thinking about what you have will make you happier.

    And be patient with the girl-relationship thing. I'm sure there's girls out there who like you and would want to date you. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there and approach different women. Don't start hating women either. I went through a phase where I really just thought women are pointless and I don't ever need one; that's not the right strategy to take. First of all, you'll be wrong, so you're lying to yourself. And second, I guarantee you won't make yourself any happier by doing this.

    Gotta just keep hope! Maintain your confidence, and be sure of yourself in everything you do. Your time will come my man!


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  • Because life sucks :( you sound like a nice guy, I'm sure you will find someone soon, just go about your life like normal :) and be thankful you have been in a relationship in the past!


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  • Because girls have different taste so they end up dating other guys and please 5ft9 is not short. Best advice is to keep looking but don't expect anything because you will only set your self up for disappointment

  • Pic bro? No homo