What to say on a first date with an awesome girl?

I have liked this girl for almost 18 months now. At first I was afraid to ask her out, and then she had a boyfriend. After they broke up, I waited an appropriate amount of time, worked up the courage to ask her out and she actually said yes.

We are going out on Friday to a nice restaraunt and I am nervous as hell. I have only been on one other date, it was in high school and it didn't go well. I really like her and I just don't want to mess it up. After the family and Uni questions, what do you say? Do we talk while we are eating? How do I somehow pretend that I'm not incredibly nervous?

We are both 19.


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  • If you don't have a good natural conversation, what's the point? You shouldn't have to think about stuff like that. The best plan is to go in without a plan, and don't over think anything.

    • We do talk normally as friends but I'm worried I'll freeze up on the date. It was never a problem when we were friends. It's just different now.

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    • Objectively that is true. But in reality, I now feel like there is a lot more pressure to get it right and I struggle to remain calm. I just don't want to mess it up. I guess that is my problem.

    • Well... the only way to get over it is to stop worrying about it. Just tell yourself over and over again that you should act as naturally as possible. Trust me, I've had to overcome that feeling after YEARS of never being able to talk to girls.
      You'll get it right.

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