Do you kiss on the first date? What type of kiss?

How do you kiss on the first date?
I know that it depends. But as a general rule, which would you do?

  • Kiss on the cheek
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  • Soft peck on the lips
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  • Short makeout
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  • Make out
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  • No kiss on the first date
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I wouldn't kiss on the first date. It's not a rule exactly, but I don't kiss someone I've known for such a short time. I always wait to kiss until I'm certain this is who I want to be with :) But I guess that if the feeling was right I'd kiss on the first kiss

    • kiss on the first date* lol

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What Girls Said 2

  • I've kissed on the first date before. We're talking about makeout sessions here lol but I dont kiss on first dates anymore. I wanna focus that on getting to know the guy better.

  • E, because first few dates are just for getting to know each other


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