Ladies: is this description is more compatible for a young woman (18-25) or a mature woman (26-35) or neither?

My name is Marquis but everyone I know calls me Quis (keese). I'm somewhat camera-shy. I'm a loyal dude mostly a cool funny guy but can serious when the time is right. I'm very technology savvy (Nerd). People mostly hit me up when they need help with their electronics. I open-minded to doing other things but I'm set in my own ways. I have a job and a car and I'm looking for a someone to share my life with and potentially commit to if everything fall into place. I dislike political correctness. I believe people should as honest as they can without thinking about the reactions from others. My hobbies are fixing things (cars, phones, and computers), playing video games, and play basketball.

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  • basically girl's age doesn't matter. there are 18 yo girls who act like 35 yo, and vice versa

    but how about a gamer girl? it'll be fine with you

    • Yea but most of them stereotype me like I'm sort of gangster because I'm a young black guy. But I assure that I don't even have a criminal record

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  • i said younger because of all the street name and slang, but your black lol then i understood, sorry im just a slow white lady.

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    • dude, savvy (this ones not bad), Quis (keese), hit me up. This to me is not normal English i would not hand it in to my English teacher.

    • but your ahight brah so chill homie :)

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  • I say both would like that.