Dating advice!! please help I've been out of the game too long?

Since I was 16 I have been in LT relationships! I've never really dated always ended up in a relationship! Well I'm single almost a year now & started dating a guy about a month ago... At the start he was too eager texting/calling me 50 times a day it was too much! So I called time on what we had but missed him & told him & he had missed me too! Now he has calmed down with moving too fast which is brilliant & I was enjoying chatting to him on the phone, texting going out for food etc... He cancelled a date we had organised at the last minute he was super apologetic & I do realise that he is very busy in work as am I so after about 5 mins I understood! He has barely been in contact with me since when he always texted me during the work day & rang me at night time! Anyhow he away for the weekend with work & his phone is off I did send a text but it hasn't been delivered so I'm not going to ring incase he away with someone else (that's what my head is thinking due to lack of communication) I'm struggling with this dating stuff I realise we not exclusive neither has brought that up & I would like to be the only person he is dating! What do I do? What do I say? And do you people think he is with other people too? This dating stuff is hardwork! I won't allow myself to come across as needy etc I am an independant confident woman but when it comes to dating I'm not! All help greatly appreciated x


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  • Relax and let what will happen happen.
    Past that, no suggestions. I am possibly the most unsuccessful male in the history of the planet, in terms of dealing with romance.

    • I feel your pain! I can't stand when they too clingy but when they distant I hate that too!! I think he may have moved on or has been dating multitude of women! I'd say he is more than likely away with one of them this weekend if he is that is 100% fine but I would like to know how many of us there is

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  • Grab the Bull by the horns and just go for it

    • I love your analogy but I don't understand what your suggesting I do? Should I just see what happens or ask how many others he is dating along with me? He hasn't been in contact with me for days has he blown me off? This dating is hard bloody work!!!

    • I look at it this way when I was new to the dating world I was so nervous and had to make everything perfect I wanted so bad to have a girl and to keep her, I pulled it off I was successful, now I just go with the flow kick back and relax and wait and see where it takes me, you should do the same as well don't take things to serious unless you know he's the one for you and that takes time.

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