Up to my fourth date with this guy?

Is it normal that we haven't properly made out yet?

We have kissed a few times, but it was for a few seconds, so more than a peck but no tongues or anything.
I get so awkward and nervous before he kisses me that I can't make eye contact and I don't know what to do with my hands/lips etc . I'm worried he's gonna think I' a complete freak aha but I'm just scared cos I haven't kissed many other guys before so I don't wanna mess up.


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  • U can't define normal. If it were me we prob still wouldn't have kissed. But some other guy may have put the moves on u after one date. THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS NORMAL...

    • Gday m8 how r u? What no date u up to now? Thanks 4 awarding me mho

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    • Sure am m8 cricket an sunshine. Gd to here its all going well 4 u.

    • thanks!

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