Is he crossing the line online?

I caught my boyfriend making comments on girls' webcam pages on youtube. On one posting, he put "can you please do some sort of dance next time" and on the other, he wrote "I'd like to take that girl to dinner." I got really upset and felt like he violated me - I'm a good, devoted girl who is always looking to please my guy. I have a hard enough time getting him to take me to dinner or let me give him a little dance without some sort of argument or rejection, so for him to make these comments really disgusted and hurt me. When I confronted him about it, he flipped out at me and said I'm too controlling, that its no big deal and he will comment all he wants. He didn't care that it hurt me. I know guys are not perfect angels and watch interesting things online, but I felt that those comments really crossed the line - why go out of your way like that, unless you're planning on communicating with these chicks?


Update: He is 28, and we have been dating for over a year.


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  • He is quite insensitive and disrespectful. How long have you been dating and how old is he?

    I think you have to evaluate this situation to determine if you're really in a positive relationship. When you are in a relationship with someone, there should be equality, mutual respect, love, caring, friendship, devotion etc. He is not providing the very things that are part of the foundation of a relationship. His behavior is quite immature and so is his attitude. You have every right to feel hurt.

    I am not sure why he feels the need to post comments on these web sites. I think it has to do with fulfuling fantasies and physical stimulation. Those are my assumptions.

    You need to have enough self respect to tell him to make a choice: Stop posting to the web sites and visiting out of respect for you. If he cares for you and wants the relationship to last, he should be wiling to compromise. If he doesn't then you know where he stands. The final decision is yours. If I were you, I would show him the door and find someone more worthy of you.

  • Completely UNACCEPTABLE behavior from a man this age. I'd kick him to the curb.

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