What do I do now? I'm confused.

I know this girl likes me. She told me, I asked. I know she would date me, she said so. I like her, she is a great girl.

Your all thinking, ASK HER OUT! Well, yes.

But I have questions. I'm new to the whole dating thing, she would be my first gf. We're close friends, she vents to me.

Anyways, I don't know what step to take. I would love to date her, and be with her.

We have cuddled(sorda), she says she likes to and I want to. She said she would also spoon. And she hugs me every time I come over. She tickles me and pokes me and lays her head on my shoulder. All sings that she likes me I know.

But where I have a problem is what I should do. She told me what turns her on and I really want to do that. It's touching her back. But, I think that would be inappropriate, but she said she doesn't care. I want to kiss her, but again, the whole dating thing and inappropriate.

So should I just kiss her and hope for the best. Or ask her out.

I think I recall her saying that she wouldn't care if the guy asked her over text. So I would most likely do that, but I think in person would be better?

Should I find out more about her kissing preferences, or other things before I try. It seems like there is so much to a relationship, yet she is simple and caring and great.

So can you guys answer the questions and maybe add some info where possible.


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  • You're right you should be asking her in person. Let things go naturally. I think you should probably ask her out and go somewhere quiet, where you can talk and when you will be alone in a date you will feel more comfortable when talking.

    A relationship is not simple but not because of the things you are mentioning, you will kiss just fine, it usually comes natural two people.

    From what she does this girl seems to like you a lot, but she is also confident about herself. she knows you like her also cos she is touching you.


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  • it sounds like she likes you too. ok I'd tell you too ask her too the cinema or something like tat then go from there put ur arm around her and stuff like tat then just kiss her. start from there and watever else hey its really up too you but use protection learn how too put a condom on. you don't want her pregrant


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  • You are over thinking this to the extreme just go with the flow.

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