Was I being manipulated or does he want something more now?

For some reason this was posted in a different section and it's more suitable here.

I recently told the man that I was in a casual relationship with for three months that I have feelings for him. I told him that I can no longer be with him without it meaning something to him. He was very adamant about taking sex off the table and just be friends.

3 days later he asked me to come over. He became very affectionate with me, something he's never done before. He caressed my cheek, we made out on my couch, and when we had sex he actually kissed me during it. He even said "I'm being intimate." He even sat on the couch with me on his arm to watch a movie even though he had a five page paper and a presentation due the next day. He was doing all the things that would make me feel like he wanted to start a relationship.

Now I feel like maybe he did those things because he knew I wanted him so that he can continue having sex with me. I don't want to believe that because I've never known him to be that much of an asshole.

I also don't know what to believe because one time before, when he was drunk, depressed and wanted me to comfort him, he told me that he really liked me and that he was being stupid.

Do you think he's being manipulative and doing what he knows I want him to do or do you think that now he wants a relationship with me?

Note: if you're going to respond please don't respond with the quick and fast answer "Move on, find somebody else".


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  • Based on the info u provided seams to me like ur being used 4 sex? But im not 100% sure. Can u tell me more about this guy.

    • I've only known him for three months but he never striked me as a person that would manipulate people. He's hinted before about wanting a real relationship (which is what started the whole "I like you but I'm being stupid" situation).

      When we had that talk about if he wanted a relationship his exactly words were, "I guess I do feel that way." like he wasn't sure in his answer. Then he followed it up with, "if you want to stop I understand. " like he was okay with us not having sex anymore.

    • Looks can be deceiving m8 the trouble with players is that they know how to play the game. He sounds sincere to me. If i could be there to watch him id soon be able to tell u body language speeks volumes if u can read it properly. Id sugest let it be 4 the moment it sounds like he ain't sure what he wants. IM guessin he will soon make up his mind he won't let u get away if he wants u.

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