I haven't talked to him for a while?

So I started dating this guy but we're both really awkward in school so we don't talk that much. But we do talk a lot when we go on a date. We've both been busy lately and we literally haven't talked for about a month and when I texted him he ignored me which he always does and then he'll say "I'm sorry I suck at texting" on the next date. It's just really awkward to do anything but I still like him and I'm pretty sure he likes me too. What should I do?


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  • It seems like your relationship is going down hill fast! I would probably break up with him, he doesn't really seem to be worth your time, and if you haven't talked in a month, you might as well start looking for a new guy.
    But if you're still really into him, you both have to start putting more effort in, go on more dates and try to get the awkward tension out of the way! Maybe at school try to spend lunch just the two of you (so it's like your dates) and then you would be spending non-awkward time together at school. Try talking on the phone together instead of texting, or snap chat each other! If you want to make this relationship work you better start acting quickly


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