Ex Boyfirend's new girlfriend is broke off his and our friendship and keeps sending me her selfies... Why?

Well my ex and I are friends and have been for months. We agreed on being friends and talked almost once every other week. But as of late I said hey to him on Facebook and his new girl who apparently likes to take his phone and screw with his status updates and shit, started to send me selfies of her and them two. Not even kidding or anything just hanging out. Then she proceeds to say. "Oh, stop messaging my boyfriend." And, "I'm sorry that he's moved on and you haven't but seriously you need to back off." Despite the fact I hadent spoken to him in almost a month. And the last two convos we had, well he was the one that started them. Now he's ignoring me. And her? Well she's just supper annoying and jealous? Possibly?

Well I'm going to respect her space. Out of respect for him. I know bitches can be crazy XD I'd rather not be the one to cause a fuss with her. Cause otherwise he would be the one to deal with it.


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  • It's hard when there is a newbie pussy who comes prancing and dancing in the pix after a break up with someone You have been with for a Month of Mondays. Even though you and he are just friends, no more at least right now, maybe Never, thanks to the kitten with Extended paws and claws, she is feeling Intimidated, feels you are Marking her turf and that you are on Her----Tom's Territory.
    Now the EX is not even paying you any mind, and yes, I would have to agree with you that she is Not only 'Super annoying and jealous,' but being a problem pussy who would Continue her Problem child pattern of growling and prowling, should you and he have stayed in Touch.
    She is Merely feeling Insecure because she is afraid, being a scardy cat, that the both of you will take up a love nest again.. this is her reason for causing a rat's nest to boot. And with him Not stepping foot in this rat race that she has created here, dear, must be he is flowing and going along with her, taking her not so Soft Side And-----Leaving you to lie on the sidelines like road kill.
    Let his be a lesson that you have learned in your life and love Now... keep your relationship lite and semi sweet with an Ex, especially this one, should he and her scamper off in different directions... if it wouldn't be this pussycat, it will be another who will most likely play ball the same way.
    Good luck. xx


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  • She's feeling intimidated. You're a potential threat because you're on good terms with the ex. That's all.

    • At first I thought you said, she was sending selfies of just her. I was gonna say, just respond with "Adding that to my spank bank" hahahah

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    • Even if it's a selfie of them together lol

    • Lol xD of course I would :p who wouldn't pass up that opportunity.

  • She's marking her territory.

  • She's jealous and needs to grow up.

    • Suppa jelly xD. She's most defiantly not very stable.

    • If it were me, I'd just let him go even though you and him can still be friends. Do you really want that drama in your life?

    • Exactly bro. I mean I gotta worry about college not irrational girl drama.

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  • I believe in the no contact rule, but I also don't think this chick has the right to act crazy. This is one of the reasons why you just... shouldn't be friends with an ex even if you care for them as a friend.

    But, it is what it is: If your ex didn't get super pissed at her and apologize on her behalf immediately, then he's not your friend.

  • 1. She's jealous of you and trying to claim him as her property.
    2. He's said some bullshit to her regarding you.

    • Lol well if she's so jealous then I can be sure they won't last very long. Plus she's just not stable.

  • You're the ex. She's the girlfriend. It's understandable that she wouldn't want the two of you to have a lot of time/contact with each other. If he wants to respect his girlfriend, he's going to keep his distance from you, as he should, if it bothers her.

    • I understand that part. But what about the whole sending me selfies thing. I'm just wondering if she's trying to make me feel ugly or something?