Why do females and young once often "play guys" ?

what i mean is , young females sometimes like to tease unattractive guy who are having hard time getting a date.

for example they pretended to want to date you for laugh, its the ugly mob mentality and don't like seeing it.

young people can be so immature

what every you do guy NEVER seem desperate~~!! or they do it to you.


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  • I've seen guys do it to.
    People do it because some people aren't nice people. You're 30-35 I'm sure you know the world has some nice people, and some not so nice people. This isn't new.

    • its true guy can do it too. but honesty girl even meaner to each other then guy are. and more explicable if girl those because guy less sensitive to these attacks

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    • well guys dont sprouted balls ahahha

    • Yea and sometimes girls can say something mean without actually being mean or insult somebody but the person doesn't realize it's an insult til they go lol.

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  • Ugly guys are easy prey for bitches. I've seen it happen the other way too, where some jock hit on this ugly girl for laughs, it was pretty sad and I feel bad for everyone involved.

  • Because they dont know what they want.