Is it possible to achieve something after rejection?

For example if this person gets rejected by girl, but girl loves spending time with him, she even kissed him, but again doesn't want him for more than friends and he got rejected after he confess his feelings. What are chanches something will change in future?


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  • Well when the guy eventually gets a girlfriend she will look back and say oh shit im a stupid girl for rejecting him. Because he was nice and i liked him but because i was afraid and insecure i didn't committ.. i wanted to see if i could get anything better out there but i didnt?

    Same thing happened to me.. i dated a guy and he rejected me even though he told me he liked me and liked spending time with me.. he slowly pulled away and when i confronted him about it he said he wasn't looking for anything serious at the time and how he thinks im a cool girl.
    So here i am thinking ok what is a cool girl? and did i mean nothing? will he ever regrett this?

    • Man, for me cool girl is everything.. it is not so much about looks, even not about certain personality traits if i find girl very cool it is very attractive, because i rarely find girls cool. but yeah, it is possible to find another girl and make this one jealous, but again would it make me happy? Certainly not..

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    • Yeah it could be, but it is personal choice..

    • I think you just need to let her go and move on. There are so many others who will appriciate you :)

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  • Its probably pretty low. At least for now. Just move on and don't burn bridges. You never know, i was rejected by a girl and a couple years later we ended up getting together

    • did you build your friendship slowly? Invite her casualy to events, etc?

    • Well at first we went out once and she just wanted to be friends after that. At which point i got pissed but didn't show it, i just quit talking to her and moved on... we actually ran into each other a year and a half later and she seemed excited and I still had her number, so i just texted her it was nice seeing her again, and we went out to dinner a week later and dated for a little over a year. We broke up because she moved away, but i dont regret any of it.

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