Male Texting Behavior?

So I met a guy two weekends ago in a bar, hit it off gave him my number, went out last weekend, and it was a GREAT date.

I texted him the next day, thanking him and asking him to let me know if he wanted to get together next week. He said he had fun and things could be crazy at school (he's a med student so that's valid) and he'd let me know.

No text until Thursday, once again telling me how busy school has been but some polite chatter once again promising me he'd let me know.

By this point, I'm kinda not sure. So I texted Friday and said, I'd like to get to know you, but understand your super busy, if you want to be my study break this weekend at some point I'd be down. He said sure, he'd let me know when.

Then, Saturday night roles around, and he texts me, a text met for someone else but at this point we were both drinking. He intentionally tells me he didn't think I was interested, and I am like ya, I am, I was trying to show that without being needy. He's like really, cause I am interested too. So I texted him a somewhat wordy (remember I have wine in me) I want to get to know you, but I had one night with you, so If you don't want that (because I am somewhat confused) it's fine I won't over react, but I hope you do.

His response was (this morning) how was the wine last night? hope you are still into me. To which I replied I'm sorry I for my repetitive, wordy rambling, hope you had a good night too.

My question is, what the hell, like he's half pretending to be interested in me, for some reason. But am I wrong to have assumed he isn't? Like why would be be so vague, I feel a little like he's keeping his options open? Thoughts?


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  • It is the end of the semester and he is a med student. I suspect he is in CRAZY mode. So my advice is to let him have the ball in his court (it is already there) let him get through the rest of the semester (I guess that is over this week...) and see what happens. If after the semester he can't find time/make time then he isn't interested.

    • That's fair enough. You are probably right, I shouldn't be assuming things. He's being nice to me. If anything I may have tried a bit too hard. There's still two weeks, I'll just text once every few days and say "hope your having a nice day" or something and leave the rest on him t'ill after break. I'm just a forensic psychology student so as busy as I am, I know there's no comparison

    • i think a nice text like that is fine...

      If you want to MAYBE in a few days you go to a coffee shop and say "I am at such and so studying, if you need a break and would like a coffee stop by if you can!" but i would only do that if he is responsive over the next couple of days or even this week.

      Hang in there...

  • Let the guy focus on school. He's putting up barriers so he won't seem too needy.


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