Long story, help? its a boy-girl thing?

Spring of 2013 (both in college), I met this guy in my class and we hit it off really well. He asked for my number and we studied the whole next day. The whole day was fun and we got along really well. He told me everything about himself from his first girlfriend, to his knee surgery, family life, and etc. We went for lunch and dinner together as well. Then we went back to my apartment and continued our talking and studying. We were drinking beer, I passed out, and we held hands.. stuff like that. I liked spending time with him but he was a freshman and I didn't want to date him because he was too young for me! He told me he didn't really want to date anyways at the beginning of the day as he wanted to just have fun. At the same time he was saying stuff like I haven't met the right girl. And then he looked at me and said " there are some people you meet in life that you instantly click with." And we went back to my apartment, we were having a couple of beers, and I passed out and he held my hand the whole time. he came on the couch and kissed me all over the face too. And just hugged me for a little while while I was still kinda sleeping haha. he came back the next day and then he was acting really different. He was more into me I thought. We were sitting together on the sofa studying and he tried to hold my hand. It was kind of unexpected so I got up. And I said, "I'm really hungry and I think I don't want to spend money, do you mind if we eat at my place?" And then I cooked something for him and he started saying " why do you always pretend that nothing ever happens." I didn't say much to that and just prepared the meal. He said again "I really appreciate this, this means a lot to me, no one has ever done this for me, thank you" I got a little emotional which I was surprised about. Then we went and took our final, and he looked upset.

im posting this on behalf of a friend of mine who is a girl:)


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  • Clearly the guy is into you know matter what he said. So you have decide if you are into him or not. If not, then don't spend time with him, you are just leading him on.


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