How to get out of the friendzone with the girl of my dreams?

So the girl of my dreams and i have been friends for about a year now and we have gotten pretty close. We both do a lot of similar things and smoke and stuff like that. She is just a perfect girl and I try to drop hints but I don't know if she picks up on them. People say she likes me back but I don't know if it's just friends or not. I need help.


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  • You are only going to know if you ask her. She could like you too, but you won't know unless you ask. If she doesn't like you then you can move on to find someone else. If the people telling you she likes you are her friends it's pretty safe to say she likes you too. If they were her true friends they wouldn't be saying she liked you, if she didn't. If they meant she liked you as a friend I'd imagine they would say she just likes you as a friend.


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