Guys, have you ever started seeing a girl and thought she wasn't good enough for you?

Have you ever started seeing a girl you like, but you thought she wasn't good enough for you?


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  • yeah, but i know me
    i usually like a person after i know them inside out so most of my affairs have been with people i didn't liked that much but then after knowing them i loved them

    • Knowing them as a person makes you like them more, if they're a good, kind person. That's the same for me too. This guy I'm talking to is a little superficial, so I'm not sure why he likes me so much. Like I'm attractive but not as into my looks as he is, or as the girls he usually dates. Could be my personality?

    • its always about the personality for me
      if all my exes were standing in a line you would be like Do you even have a type but if you meet them individually and be friends with them you would be damn they are all the same

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