Are you guys nit picky about who you date?

are you guys picky about certain qualities in a guy that you want to date. like certain looks or there personality? I have that problem it tend to be nit picky even if the guy is a really nice guy who will treat a girl so great. like either his looks don't match my wants. and I feel really shallow by doing it. right now its happening, the guy is insanely nice but he is not considered as attractive to me but he is a get great to hang out with a guy who I can conversate with and is just sweet and caring who has only had three girlfriends in his life and isn't a player and doesn't believe in it. how I can just get passed these shallow feelings I have and just give this guy a chance :( I know I'm really bad.


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  • give it time to get to know him more--once you fall deep into his personality--he will look attractive to you --trust me

    ..that's how I fell for my ex--he's not "good looking to me" he's very polite and nice, and caring. ...when we started "talking" we hung out a lot---suddenly something clicked ---and he just looks different. ...I@ first I enjoyed every moment of talking to him---and like I said we had one hangout and something just clicked--(like a light bulb lit up)

    ..are you a person that cares me about looks then brains? Do you like him because he's a good conversationalist? ...why do you like him? because he's nice?

    people are shallow--so it's normal. ..i nit pick about looks--style of I think that's normal...but I think it' the inside that counts..

    ..I'm someone that cares more about brains and personality more then looks---so are you like that? if you are then give it time and hang out with him more.

    if you are not--then don't force yourself--your not going to be happy or see him in that way..

  • i think nitpicky is an understatement in my case...that's not a good thing, I know.