He doesn't want a relationship... move on?

So met this amazing guy out of no where and all was going well. Eventually he was starting to pull away and then dropped the bomb of "I am a great girl, it's not me and didn't do anything wrong, it's just he isn't ready for a relationship." We were dating for a month and at least he didn't drag it on. I'm just upset how he reacted and broke it to me on the phone. At least i didn't have sex with him and was taking it slow. So now it's been two weeks and i haven't said a peep to him. I have been hoping to hear from him but nothing. So should i just move on or is it okay to say something? (I dont want to say something though because I want him to chase me back... I feel like a loser and prob should not be waiting around for that but I want that to happen. But also I said if some other guy walks in, i won't shut myself out from him) What should I do?


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  • I was in a similar scenario

    Force yourself to move on if you can
    If he hasn't contacted you ON HIS OWN since then, he likely isn't interested now and won't be in the future
    You'll just end up hurting yourself if you pursue a pointless connection with him


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  • Move on. If he wanted to talk to you then he would have done :)

  • I've heard many men say that when they tell a girl they aren't looking for a relationship, that means they aren't looking for a relationship with you. Very sad indeed, my advice is to move on-- don't close yourself on potential good men because of some commitmentphobe.